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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Burley Bicycle Trailers

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Long known as the worldwide leader in child bicycle trailers, Burley launched a commuter trailer that won one of 12 Gold awards at the 2010 EuroBike tradeshow. For more than 35 years, they’ve made it their priority to deliver the absolute best in quality, durability and safety.

The company’s focus on bicycle trailers dates back more than 35 years. In the 1970's, Alan Scholz started a business called Burley Bike Bags - a company inspired by his wife "Burley Bev," a local Oregon bike racer. The couple sold their bags at Eugene's Saturday Market, a 30-mile commute from their home. Determined to live a car-free life, Alan built a strong, durable, safe trailer to transport his young daughter and the Burley bags to the Market (his first trailer was actually built from old swing-set parts).

It wasn't long before people were asking to buy a trailer like Alan's. Then, bike shops in Eugene started to carry the Burley trailers. The market for Burley trailers grew rapidly and today the name "Burley" is synonymous with "bicycle trailers."

In 1978 Burley became a worker-owned cooperative, and in 2006 members sold the company to Michael Coughlin, a Eugene businessman, community leader, and Oregon native. His first move was to bring the focus solely on Burley's core product and the heart of the company: the Burley trailer.

2015 marked Burley's 35th anniversary of designing and manufacturing the safest bike trailers. The company is committed to continue to pursue Alan's invention with passion, drive and dedication. That's why Burley is known for making the safest, most durable trailers on the road. The Burley future is bright with a worldwide distribution network and products that are well respected for their manufacturing quality and exceptional safety. The Burley brand stands for unmatched quality today, just as it did in 1978.

Travoy Urban Trailer

The Travoy is a revolutionary trailer that allows you to do more on your bike in a simple, practical way. It’s a safe, hassle-free way to haul and transport almost anything from a week’s worth of groceries, a change of clothes and supplies for the office or up to 60lbs of general cargo. In fact, it’s so terrific that the Travoy was awarded the 2010 EUROBIKE Gold Award for innovative design.

It hitches to the seat post of most bikes and rides at a 45-degree angle which redistributes the weight for easier riding. It attaches in seconds with a clever self-locking hitch on the post. There’s even an accessory for attaching the hitch to a rear wire rack so the rack can be used to haul cargo also.

The quality and precision engineering is evident when first removing the Travoy from it’s packaging. It’s extremely light weight – less than 10lbs - and easy to assemble. All the parts fit together with ease and quality materials are evident in every component. It also is just as easy to disassemble and fold into it’s carry case for long distance travel. There’s a variety of bags available to attach to the carrier depending on your intended usage. There’s large and small market bags, large and small transit bags, detachable tote bag, and various tie down straps and rain covers.

This is the ideal trailer to take to a grocery store for shopping. You can remove the trailer with one hand, fold down the tow bar, and use the trailer with market bags for your shopping cart and it’s much easier to maneuver around the isles than a traditional cart, even the small ones! Have a large package you want to take for shipping? Simply remove the bags and use the trailer as a cargo hauler with that 60lb capacity. The 12” rubber pneumatic tires roll easily over most obstacles such as curbs, unpaved surfaces and even loose stone drives.

Many people say they want to bike more often for the exercise. This cleverly designed trailer allows you to that as part of your daily life, whether it’s commuting to work or volunteer activities, shopping or delivering packages. In fact, it’s so practical and fun to use that it gives you an excuse to get out for your health’s sake!


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