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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50


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ChicoBag's mission is to reduce single-use bag waste by offering compact reusable bags and packs that are designed to be unforgettable. They specialize in offering fashionable, environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags and lifestyle totes.

They believe addressing even the largest of problems starts with small solutions.

Founder, and President Andy Keller understood that a reusable bag was only valuable if it was reused. He knew his challenge was larger than designing any ordinary reusable bag – this reusable bag needed to be designed to be unforgettable. It needed to be small enough to tote in a pocket and have features that allowed it to clip anywhere.

In 2008, ChicoBag™ introduced trademarked rePETe™ products as part of an evolving effort to reduce our environmental impact. rePETe™ is a term we use to help our customers identify which ChicoBag™ brand products are made using recycled content. Every product with the rePETe™ logo is manufactured using recycled materials. Our rePETe™ products bring us one step closer to providing consumers with a closed loop solution.

There are two design features that every ChicoBag offers- they are easy to stow by featuring an integrated stuff pouch, which allows the entire bag to fit easily in your pocket, and The pouch features a carabiner so your ChicoBag™ brand reusable bag can be clipped anywhere.

There are many different styles of the ChicoBag:

ChicoBag Original

Theis bag weighs only 1.5 ounces and stuffs down into a 3"x4" pouch. Its twenty-five pound carrying capacity makes it the ideal size for a trip to the grocery store or farmers market- just a great bag to leave in your car for any impromptu need! It is available in eleven fun colors and is made of machine washable, durable polyester material.

Also available in the Vita style http://www.chicobag.com/c-8-vita-style.aspx

Messenger 10 rePETe

My favorite bag in the ChicoBag family is the Messenger10 rePETe™. It is a sophisticated urban messenger bag, designed to complement the bicycle commuting lifestyle. The Messenger10 comes in a slightly smaller, curvier silhouette than the Messenger12 rePETe™ and features a new cocooned pocket to keep your water bottles snug in any situation. The Messenger10 is made of 85% recycled content. It features magnetic closures that make it easy to get in and out of on the go without all the hassle.

The Messenger comes with an optional accessory of a wait strap that keeps it in place while bicycling.

Duffel rePETe

This is a great bag for an overnight trip or to throw in with your luggage as an additional alternative bag. Made of durable, recycled PET ripstop fabric, the duffel rePETe™ is lightweight, eco-friendly and ready to go when you are. The full size duffel easily stuffs into a front zipper pocket when not in use to be a mere 6.7" x 7.5" pouch weighing less than 10 ounces. The large main zipper compartment holds the essentials with ease and features three internal mesh compartments for easy access to smaller items. With a removable shoulder strap, easy to grab handles and a separate zipper pocket, this packable duffel is the perfect companion on any trip. This bag is a great one to throw in, especially if you are like me and seem to come home with more than you left on your trip with!

Sling rePETe

The Sling rePETe™ is their response to the popular request for a messenger-style bag, avail in five colors. The single-strap style makes this bag ideal for taking on your bike, hopping on the subway, or toting to school. It is also a great bag to throw in for your travels- it is a great extra bag that you can pull out of your purse and disperses the weight from being entirely on your one shoulder.

Backpack rePETe

One of the newest products to join the chicoBag family if the back pack! There are 2 sized of Daypacks- the 20, and the more femal intended 15.The DayPack15 rePETe™ is our answer to an overwhelming number of requests to produce a DayPack for women. The DayPack15 shares the same basic design philosophy as the larger DayPack rePETe™, but is designed to complement a more feminine lifestyle. The DayPack15 features subtle curves and is smaller than the DayPack20. Made of 95% recycled content and available in four new colors, the DayPack15 is designed for the fashion conscious, eco-friendly traveler or commuter.


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