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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Cushe Shoes

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

They believe before making shoes, that without having aspirational dreams, we would all be pretty boring individuals. So with that in mind, they have always tried to keep in touch with what they like and hopefully that transfers to what you like, too. Their product is designed with this life in mind, too. It's essentially the glue that holds the brand together.

Cushe®, (pronounced 'Cushy') was born in the summer of 2004. A brand conceived by a group of footwear designers and enthusiasts, they are an independently thinking, design led footwear brand, based in the UK, offering unique and exciting footwear choices for a dynamic, inspired and confident generation. The Cushe name reflects a way of life that they as a team aspire to and they spend every day refining their art to deliver only the type of shoes that they love to wear ourselves!

Ever mindful of the increasing work hours and stress levels of modern living, we strive to create shoes for a lifestyle that is independent and individual, with the freedom to do things their own way, at their own pace. That's the theory anyway, and they design our shoes with this ideal in mind.

Hoffman Slip On

Absolutely love Cushe’s Hoffman Slippers. Now they are not slippers that are paired with a robe. These are slip on shoes that are meant to be paired with fun. They have a great palm tree pattern on the canvas lining. They incorporate their moulded EVA “Manuka Honeycomb” design to give great foot support. Just by putting them on you find yourself smiling because you have a tropical vacation on your feet. Easily the most fun shoe for the fellas we have seen in a while.


Not only are these sandals beautifully designed, they were incredibly comfortable right out of the box!

The detailing is a gorgeous deep red and saturated orange. The supple, soft leather multi straps are comfortable to wear all day and don’t rub funky on the foot or between toes.

In the same color pattern is a butterfly that wraps around the sole of the shoe and up into the footbase, adding to the uniqueness of the sandal. Not only are the soles beautifully detailed, but they are made of a molded EVA for added cushioning and comfort. They cradle your foot and give great arch support.

Great for travel, and everyday use, Cushe has hit the mark yet again!

Surf Slipper Loafer

“Surf” and “Loafer” aren’t normally used together but Cushe (pronounced “Cushy”) has combined elements of both to produce a comfortable shoe that can be used in either setting. It fuses the trademark Manuka sole grip with a treated leather upper that has a ventilated micro fiber mesh. The result is amazingly lightweight and easy on the foot.

This is at least partially due to the anatomical last shape for a natural fit. For people with high arches – like me – the twin elastic gussets make getting into and out of the shoes quite easy. The sole construction is almost minimalist in appearance but provides enough shock absorption to allow the shoe to be worn for hours on end. A great concept that’s executed superbly.

Boutique Pump

This shoe is the perfect marriage of style, function, and comfort!

Let’s talk first about the styling- a classic pump with enough styling to set them apart without being unwarrantably flashy. Nice stitch detailing dresses them up a bit. They look great with a pair of jeans, shorts, OR a skirt to dress them up. One pair of shoes for anything your travels may send your way!

As for function, these shoes are lacking nothing! From the inside out they are made of quality materials with thoughtful purpose. They have a removable insole, but I found the stock insole quite comfortable, not feeling the need to change it out. They have a ventilated mesh lining which makes a huge difference in warm weather, especially since they are leather. I like to wear my flats without shoes in the summer, so ventilation is important! They use gorgeous premium leather, available in 3 bold, yet versatile colors.

Lastly- COMFORT! I pulled these shoes right out of the box, put them on, wore them all day, and took them off still smiling. They passed all the tests

Tammerack WP

The Tammerack WP is a great looking boot right out of the box. Beautiful leather and suede accented with some sharp stitching. The boots weighed in at a very surprising 3 lbs. 1 oz. They fit very nicely on the first fit and laced up smoothly. The oval grommets work brilliantly for the flat laces. However, the laces can be a bit of a bother when you reach the hooks near the ankle. The hooks punctured the laces a few times but it did not do any damage, so no harm no foul.

The first test for the boots was in a wonderful spring rainstorm. Slopping through puddles and mud Charlie the test dog led the way. He stayed on a leash but chose the path that would put the Tammerack WP to the test. Our afternoon went from subdivision sidewalks to nature preserve trails and back again. Populated with small lugs the Vibram soles are best suited for an urban adventure and worn trails. Charlie and I agree that the Tammerack WP is best used following in the footsteps of others. The waterproof leather and suede performed wonderfully.

There is a generous amount of padding around the ankle. This is an extremely comfortable boot for anyone. The best part about the boot is taking it off after a hard day of playing with Charlie. With boots covered in mud, you have to take them off outside or in a mudroom. Cushe put a boot kicker-offer in the rear just for this purpose. No longer will mothers, wives or grandmothers have to remind the boys to unlace their boots before taking them off.

We give Cushe’s Tammerack WP our fiftysense.com Design Seal of Approval because they are one of the most versatile pieces of footwear we have ever tested. Wear them for adventure travel, hiking, going out, everyday use or just because you know you can kick them off after a great day of life.

Women's Surf-Slip Thermo

The first thing we noticed when we took these shoes out of the box is the beautiful style. It is sanded suede, and we enjoyed wearing them for very casual and also with dresses. Then we put them on and fell in love.

They are easy to get on, and the thermal fleece lining with a spun-wool sock gives them the comfort of a slipper. The midsole is lghtweight phylon moulded EVA with rubber sole for enhanced shock absorption and comfort. The shoes have a great grip when walking. What more could we ask for?


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