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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

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Review: EFX Performance

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval We are always looking for products to help us stay healthy and increase our balance. We really find it hard to believe how wonderfully this product works. It comes in a wristband, ankle band, necklaces and meridian adhesive dots.

Wellness Insoles

We have been using the wrist bands for a few years now and are excited that EFX Performance has come up with high quality insoles. These are great for the active person who wants a boost. The EFX holograms to help with energy and balance are embedded at the arch and heel. There is a molder EVA footbed and lightweight injection molded stabilizer plus shock obsorbing inserts at the front and heel. The- perforated EVA sponge adds ventilation.

EFX even gives a guide on how to trim the insoles so they fit any shoe or boot. We put them in our hiking boots and were very pleased at the comfort. We feel that although our feet are always tired after hiking long distance, these insoles definitely helped. Anything to help with comfort and energy works for us!


We did the balance test at the Summer OR Show and couldn’t believe the difference in our balance. We wore the band the whole show, and believe we were less tired.

Since the show, we have demonstrated the band with so many people and have yet to find someone who did not see an immediate difference! Of course, everyone wants to know exactly how it works, and we aren’t exactly sure, we just knows it does. From the site, we learned, ‘EFX’s holographic technology contains algorithms and frequencies that interact positively with this energy field in both humans and animals at the cellular level.

When placed near the body, especially at key energy centers such as the hands and feet, EFX’s products will harmonize with the body’s naturally occurring bioelectric frequencies. EFX effectively tunes the body, immediately unleashing its full potential for function and performance’

Some of the most notable results include, increased balance and strength, enhanced flexibility and motion, better focus and alertness, relief of stress and tension, faster recovery time, and abatement of jet lag and motion sickness. Some of our reviewers are excited about being able to do the balance poses in Yoga for the first time in years.


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