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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Eureka!
Tents and Sleeping Bags

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

For over 100 years Eureka! has been making outdoor products. Their story begins in 1895 in Binghamton, NY. They initially made Conestoga wagon covers, horse blankets, American flags, store awnings and camping tents. Still located in the same location they now offer a wide variety of sleeping bags, tents, furniture and lighting. They are a company for all people. As they like to say, "EUREKA! BUILT TO HANDLE ANYTHING. FROM BACKCOUNTRY TO BACKYARD."

Caliber 30 degree BIG

After an entire day of sightseeing in the rain and 60 degrees, this cozy sleeping bag was a welcome sight as we lay to sleep. A 30 degree bag with flannel lining, it kept us warm and cozy through the night, waking refreshed and ready for whatever the new day would bring!

There is an extra 6” in length and 6” in width so you don’t feel cramped, even if you are my 6’5” husband! Even though it was big and cozy, it is amazing how light it is- weighing in at only 5lb 4oz! The stuff sack size is a mere 11”x21”- quite a bit of a difference from the old heavy weight camp sleeping bags that take up half of the car!

I loved the little internal and external pockets that keep my headlight and lip balm within reach. I wear glasses and when they are off I am blind as a bat, so trying to rummage around the tent looking for my nighttime essentials usually wakes all- not anymore!

Our camping trip to Pine Grove Furnace State Park in PA was SO much more comfortable with the Caliber 30 degree bag- thank you fir a great night’s sleep!

Esopus Table

What a great table to have while camping. It has gone with us to 3 state parks, 2 national parks, and Trail Days in Damascus, VA. The Esopus Table was perfect as a prep table, dinner table, and a smores staging station. The last one is our favorite use for this table and we performed numerous tests to ensure its validity. As you can see, we are very scientific in our methods.

It packs up really well and fits nicely in a trunk, truck bed, or overhead cargo container. It folds down flat to a thickness of only 2.25”. It stands up to 25.5” tall with a tabletop 20.25” square. Set-up takes only 4 seconds and breakdown is the same. It weighs in at a paltry 4.8 lbs but is nominal considering we recommend this for camping and backyard barbecuing. Our in-house grill master contributed that last part. We hope you enjoy the Esopus Table as much as we have.

Sandstone 45°F BIG

There is a great comfort to sleep in a rectangular bag after a great day of hiking and a bit of adventure travel. The square toe design provides plenty of room to move around and find a comfortable position. The “BIG” in the name means this particular bag is 6” wider and taller than the norm. It measures a spacious 82” tall by 40” wide. This is perfect for those of us who no longer have our high school bodies anymore. The Sandstone 45°F BIG has a soft peached polyester lining. It provides comfort and a little extra warmth. The temperature rating was perfect for the nights we tested it as the temp fell to the low 40s and lots of rain. As an added bonus, you can zip two of these together. Then you have one queen-sized bag to share with your sweetheart. We truly enjoyed the camping experience sleeping in the Sandstone 45°F BIG.

Mansard 8

This 3 season tent is that can sleep 7-8 people is quite roomy with plenty of storage for your outdoor adventure. With a floor space measuring 7'10" x 11'10" there is 88.75 sq ft of living space. The near vertical walls peaking at 6'3" allow for maximum interior space. We like to be organized, even when outdoors and this tent allows you to do just that! There is a removable curtain that creates 2 rooms and features dual tier pocketing for ample storage of small items. There are 8 storage pockets along the interior of the tent and 9 hang loops- great for night lighting! With 2 stash vestibules, each providing 7 sq. ft. of storage space, located on opposite sides, there is plenty of room for gear- or muddy boots!

The tent is easy to set up and you can always find setup direction on the Eureka website in case you lose the directions- as we always do, or loan it out. The vestibules can be tied down for storage or propped up as an awning. The tent can be accessed from both sides, as well as the vestibules when set up. There is a washtub basin for extreme waterproof and extended usage.

Eureka is a name we are all familiar with and is synonymous with quality and function and this tent exemplifies the ingenuity behind the brand! We love this tent!

Casper 15°F Long

Just from the name we already know two claims about the sleeping bag. No, it is not named after our favorite ghost. Yes, it does keep you at a cozy temperature down to 15°F. This is a perfect temperature rating for a three season bag. Yes, it is longer at 87". This will fit a person up to 6'6" in height. They also have a regular size bag as well which is 82" and can fit a person up to 6' tall. This is a mummy bag, so it tapers at the feet and has an insulated hood. So it is important to get the right size, because you truly fit inside from head to toes.

The Casper 15°F is a great backcountry bag. Eureka! uses their own proprietary blend of 4 different polyester fibers to fill the bag. It really does a nice job of maintaining warmth without being overly bulky. There is an insulated draft tube on the inside of the zipper. It keeps body heat in the sleeping bag. The outside lining is polyester with the bottom and side being ripstop. It comes with a stuff sack that compresses down to 16" x 9". This is a great size for backpacking as it fits well within nearly all packs for overnight treks. Not to mention the overall weight is only 3 lbs 5 oz.

Once snuggled inside of this bag it is very comfortable. I was surprised by how much I liked the trapezoidal foot box. It allows my toes to point toward the stars while I sleep. Without this perk, feet would get pressured to take an unnatural position. This is great after a lot of hiking or walking. The inside lining is a soft peached polyester. This material has a very soft feel, almost fuzzy. Of course when getting up in the night or morning I need my glasses to see where I am going. There is a pocket on the inside near the left shoulder. It fits my glasses, a watch, phone and a light.


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