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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Five-Ten Climbing shoes

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FIve Ten is a family owned company founded by Charles Cole, who after slipping while descending El Cap, resolved to create a new rubber compound that would help climbers on every angle surface. The Stealth soles were born and would give climbers a sole that would have better friction and higher durability than anything they had ever experienced. In 1986 Cole began distributing a new line of climbing and approach shoes. Because the shoes stuck better to rock, climbers could ascent routes that had previously been unattainable. A new generation of climbers was born, to whom friction means everything.

Coyote VCS Canvas

Five Ten has a wide array of shoes to choose from which can be daunting if you are just beginning. The Coyote VCS is a great place to begin. The closures are Velcro so it is easy to get a snug fit. You will need a snug fit to ensure your feet can grip properly. Five Ten uses the C4 Stealth technology to aide in high friction grip. You can almost walk up walls with it. When trying on your climbing shoe you will want your toes to curl up a bit, this will provide more stability. How much your toes curl is up to you. The more they curl the more technical the shoe. The Coyote VCS should curl your toes moderately, which is good for beginners. This is a great shoe for beginner or intermediate climbers. It worked wonderfully in the climbing gym as well as the outdoors. Go with confidence and never stop trying to reach new heights.


The Siren is a women’s specific climbing shoe designed for all around performance from faces, to cracks, to indoor climbing. If you are going to buy one shoe this would be it. Before testing this particular shoe we had always believed that climbing shoes were supposed to hurt- crunch your toes and need quite a few wear hours before they started to break in. Not this shoe- believe it or not it was comfortable right from climb one! The lace up shoe box give you impeccable fit and comfort for the entire foot, eliminating pressure points.

This shoe uses the Stealth Onyxx sole which has “unbeatable hardness for precision edging, stickiness for friction, and exceptional durability”- they are all that and more!


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