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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Garmont

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

Garmont company manufactures not only high quality ski boots, but also a line of outdoor performance boots and shoes. One of the finest features of this line is that they feel like they have been broken it right off the shelf.

We tested two styles of boots. Wearing them at trail Days for nine hours a day, and doing moderate hiking, both of the boots were comfortable from the get-go. No hot spots or blisters.

The Kiowa Vegan are good for any-paced outdoor activity. Dialed up enough for aggressive, fast-paced, Performance-oriented outdoor sport. Priorities include hard-line traction, stability with agility and no weight penalty, running shoe flex and a snug, performance fit.

The Sitka XCR are a mobile full leather midcut for speed and lightweight trail use. More stability and pack carrying capability than weight and comfort would suggest. Appeal to the reluctant 'above the ankle' customer and those in need of pack stabilizing support but complaining about "heavy, stiff boots". Aggressive outsole is at home on rugged trails.


One of the things Garmont really prides themselves on is the notion that you can wear their boots and shoes right from the store to the trail. Well, I decided to put the Synchro Plus GTX trekking boot to the test. This was not on purpose, but I was delayed in preparing for the trip, so I got the boots the night before I left. I literally wore them on a four hour plane ride right to a rugged, strenuous trail, and was blown away!

The boot has a contoured design to fit the natural shape of a foot and ankle. It fit snuggly around my foot without ever feeling that my feet were cramped. I never had one hotspot or blister the entire trip.

With the Vibram sole and Garmont shock absorption system, I had good grip and stabilization and absorbing a lot of the impact, taking a lot of stress off my knees and shins.

With few seams and Gore-Tex lining my feet stayed dry through the rain and river walking!

Overall, I was VERY impressed with this boot both in it’s functionality and design.


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