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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Grand Trunk
Adventure Travel Gear

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

In 2002, two adventurous spirits collided while backpacking in Thailand. They found they shared the same love of adventure travel and decided to let their entrepreneurial spirits go in to business together making hammocks. Grand Trunk is an Adventure Travel company as they put it makes “Goods for the Road”. Since the inception Grand Trunk has expanded the product line to tents, beach gear, hammocks, cookware and all sorts of great innovations to make your life on the road a little more comfortable.

Adjustable Travel Pillow

Grand Trunk’s Packable Travel Pillow is with us on the road everywhere we go. When it comes to making a trip more comfortable whether it is by plane, train or automobile the Travel Pillow should be with you at all times. When your body ages the padding in your caboose starts to go away, which makes it harder to sit comfortably. Toss this on your seat to pad your seat from any bumps in the road.

If you are planning to take a flight to begin your adventure something to note is that airlines no longer provide pillows in-flight. Apparently, they are unsanitary. The Grand Trunk Travel Pillow worked great as a sleeping pillow and it provided excellent lumbar support. We were able to change the density by cinching the drawstring attached to one end of the pillow. It really did meet a lot of different needs while on our adventure travels. Well done Grand Trunk!


The Grand Trunk Parasheet is a common sense solution to getting a beach blanket to do what you want. It is a decent size at 7’ x 7’ to accommodate a family of four. The four corners have pockets to put sand or rocks in to make it stay. It performed quite well against some stiff winds. After our day at the beach the Parasheet shook off with ease and came out nice –n- clean. Grand Trunk uses a tough nylon material for construction, which makes it durable and machine washable. The Parasheet weighs 20 oz., which is an afterthought compared to everything else we bring to the beach.

Travel Soap Leaves

Adventure Travel may sound glamorous but it is usually quite dirty. We found that when we are out on the back roads or trails we sometimes just want to get clean. You get 40 soap leaves in a small case that is easy to store and well worth it when you want to wash up. Just get your hands wet and start washing up. It is easy to rinse off too and 100% biodegradable.


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