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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Guyot Designs

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

Here is a company that is looking at ways to make being outdoors more fun!

Squishy Bowls

These little bowls are the talk of the trail! We backpacked with them and everyone loved that not only are they colorful, lightweight, and multifunctional, but attractive and easy to clean. They are made of silicone, which means you can not only pour boiling water into them, but they can be used to bake on the trail. How about a brownie or chocolate chip cookie made on the trail to make everyone envious? The heat does not transfer to the outside so hands don’t burn. We have even found ways to make toys out of them.


Two little utensils that weigh less than one ounce and have five functions- spoon, fork, knife, spatula and spreader. They come in multiple colors, are made of tough nylon polymer, and have hole in the handle so you can attach them to the outside of your pack with a carabineer. Only six inches long, they fit in most cooking sets.

Some of us are challenged when drinking out of wide mouth bottles. We realize we are not only ones, when we found a product made not only for children but also for adults. Now we can drink from the bottles without losing half the liquid. The splashguards come in fun colors and designs.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Every bottle they produce carries 100lbs of verified green house gas emissions reductions- making our bottles not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative! The Bottle System is everything you need it to be whenever or wherever your day takes you. The single wall bottles are great with a Gription, splash-free with a Splashguard. They also work with all standard wide mouth water purifiers and accessories.

Guyot Designs

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