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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Moving Comfort Sportswear

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval Moving Comfort: Bras
They fit great! There is no messing with straps falling down. They are so comfortable on that sometimes I almost forget that I am wearing a bra. With my Moving Comfort Bra I can go from work to play and not have to worry about what I am wearing underneath my shirts. Like most women, we are looking for something to wear underneath that is both comfortable and supportive.

It seems like it is one of our life's greatest goals: to find the most comfortable bra that fits each of our unique shapes. We do not all have the same body shapes, so what might work well for one women, will not work well for another.

It is so wonderful to find a bra that once on your body it stays in place and moves with your body. They have some padding, but not as much as an entire tissue box. They have a great selection of bras anything from low impact support to high impact.

Sweating is another thing; we want to be as cool as possible even on the hottest days. These bras are designed with moisture control. What more could you want from a bra.

Moving Comfort: Active Wear
When it comes to comfortable, active wear, Moving Comfort knows their stuff. For most active people we want to be wearing comfortable clothes. Whether you are walking, exercising, biking, or just lounging around wearing the most comfortable pant is a great start. The MC-77 cut off's are great.

They are soft, comfortable, and light weight. They are a drawstring waistband for a very comfortable fit around the mid section.

For me they fall just about my kneecaps, which for me is great. They are warm enough on cooler days and yet breathable and not annoying to wear on somewhat warmer days. They come with a super comfortable zippered jacket that is a combination fleece and sweatshirt look. If you are looking for style, the lightweight jackets look great on the golf course, and then out to dinner afterwards.

Because they are so lightweight, they make a perfect travel garment. This is a company that lives up to it's name, Moving Comfort!


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