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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Nathan Sports Water bottles and hydration systems

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval Nathan Sports is committed to the best product research whether it is scaling the Tetons, crossing the Grand Canyon or clinging to a sub-6 minute pace 20 miles into a marathon — because what needs to be improved often becomes clear only under extreme conditions. Every race, ride, walk, or run is an experiment in redefining the very notion of "humanly possible" that requires not just the heart of an athlete, but also the mind of a scientist.

Stainless Steel and Tritan bottles

Finally, a company has figured out that when one is walking, it is dangerous to walk and try flipping the bottle up to get a drink. These bottles have straws inside so you can walk and sip, keeping an eye on the road or path. The stainless steel and plastic bottles are all BPA free. These bottles even come with extra straws because obviously, this company understands that we tend to lose things. We loved how when you close the top, it stays closed by a flip and has a clip for packs. The bottles come in two sizes, 500 and 700 ml.

Quick Draw Plus

We all know that we should hydrate when we are active, but sometimes, especially when we are going for a day hike, or a walk, we don't want to be bothered carrying a bottle. The Quick Draw Plus is perfect for these activities. It has a very comfortable handle, a strap to attach to a belt or pack, and a small pocket for a cell phone and/or keys. Now we don't walk without it!


This is a great product for the walker or runner who doesn't want to hold onto the bottle, but wants to have a bottle along without the bulk. It is a very small waist pack with a pocket for the essentials, a padded, mesh inside for comfort, and best of all, the bottle is tilted for easy access. When one can get to the water easily, you tend to be more aware of staying hydrated.


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