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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Reliance Products

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval You have probably used some of these products and not known what quality goes into manufacturing. We nicknamed our blue water carrier the "big blue." We knew it would be reliable in all kinds for weather, hot and cold. Now we realize there are fiftys friendly products to increase our enjoyment in the sports we love.

Don't forget to check out the section on their web site on emergency preparedness!

2-GO 0.9G/3.4L Water container

We were pleasantly surprised to find this little collapsible container can hold HOT or COLD liquids. It takes up so little space it is suitable for hikes, camping trips, or boat excursions.

Aqua-Clear 4G/15L

The most stylish water container on the market, this unit is the perfect addition to any camping trip, RV adventure, or simply to take to your kids ball game. Fits in most standard refrigerators and features a hideaway spigot that reverses for safe storage.

Hydroller 8G/30L

Designed to transport large quantities of water anywhere without lifting, the Hydroller is always ready to go. When you are a long way away from the water source, the rollers are favorites. Before this came out, we had to use a scooter to transport our water! With two integrated wheels and a fold-away handle this unit make transporting 80lbs of water a breeze. The hideaway spigot reverses for safe transport.

Wash 'N Go Compact Sink/Organizer

A portable sink and toiletry organizer, the Wash-N-Go is a great little unit to take on your next camping trip. It can store toothbrushes, razors, soap, and water to use for drinking or washing. This little sink has an integrated LED, holders to accommodate modern toiletries and a raised basin for better seal when transporting, and minimized splashing when in use.


When space is your concern, or when you are just more comfortable going out in the wilderness without a "seat" rely on the Fold-To-Go. This collapsible portable toilet folds down to just 5 inches and weighs only 5lbs. With an innovative leg locking system it is one of the sturdiest portable toilets around.

Double Doodie Waste Bags with Bio-Gel

For a no mess, easy cleanup of all portable toilet waste there is nothing better than the Double Doodie waste bags. These waste bags are extremely rugged and feature a double ziplock seal.Each package comes with 6 Double Doodie waste bags pre-charged with Bio-Gel.

PUR Clean Drinking Water Kit

Engineered to be a mini-water treatment plant in a packet! The PUR Purifier of Water is an innovative and disruptive technology that can purify 2.5gal./10L of water in 30 minutes by just adding a single PUR packet.1 packet = 2.5gal./10L of purified water. This can be used for the family or in any emergency situation

PUR Purifier of Water - 6 packets

Don't forget to get a few extra packets to have on hand. We have made sludge into water with this product!

Glow Peg and Nite-Caps 9in/22cm

Ever lost your tent pegs or tripped over them after dark or lost your tent completely? Well, the Glow Pegs and the Nite-caps are your answer. These pegs require only 2 hours of sunlight in order to maintain a bright glow all night long.


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