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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Ryders Eyewear
Sunglasses and Goggles

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Ryders Eyewear is based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia an outdoor mecca. They put their prime location to use by ensuring the products are properly designed and tested for their specific sports. Established in 1986 they have been synonymous with quality sunglasses at a very fair price. They focus their talents on developing both sunglasses and goggles for moutain biking, hiking, running and snow sports.


Ryders Eyewear is well known for producing high-quality eyewear at a very reasonable price. After 25 years of producing sunglasses they have ventured in to snow goggles. The Fakie model comes in one-size range of medium-large. There is an adjustable strap so it fits around a helmet no matter what you ride down the slopes. If a helmet is your preference for brain protection the frame is flexible and fits nicely underneath.

The frame is lined with a hypoallergenic foam that is vented. The ventilation is at the top of the double lens right in front of the eyebrows and all around the frame. So if you have sweaty eyebrows, they will be comfortable. The inside of the double lens has a fog resistant coating on it. It works. They are quite scratch resistant and shatterproof. I tried.

The Fakie snow goggles can be worn practically any day on the slopes. They are a great pair of all-purpose goggles. The lens is an Amber 45% VLT, or Visual Light Transmission. The percentage refers to the amount of light permitted to pass through the lens and on to your eyes. So 45% is practically right in the middle of all of the lens on the market, perfectly average. You can also get models with a lens at 90% or an 11% VLT.


The Remix is a very comfortable snow goggle. Hypoallergenic foam on the inside of the frame allows for a nice cushion against my face. The frame also seats well due to it's flexible frame. The field of vision is great as it is nice and open allowing me to use the majority of my peripheral vision. To ensure a total fit there is an adjustable strap. This is important as this model only comes in a small-medium fit. This also applies to whether or not you wear a helmet. It can be adjusted for either use.

The Remix snow goggles I tested have an 11% VLT, Visual Light Transmission. On those days where the sun is out and the slopes are blinding white this is a perfect lens. I was able to articulate the changes in the snow without worrying about the sun glaring me down. Ryders also has models with lenses at 45% and 90% VLT, so they can cover any type of sky. By the way the percentage refers to the amount of light allowed to pass through the lens and on to your eyes.


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