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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50


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They are wool geeks, there's no way around it. For over 17 years they have been combining the latest in innovative design, technology and construction with the best wool nature has to offer, and it's this expertise and experience combined with their passion for mountain sports that makes their products so unique.

Smartwool works with the growers directly allowing them to benefit from generations of sheep farming heritage and experience. Merino sheep from the Southern Hemisphere face some of the most demanding and varying conditions on the planet, yielding whiter, lighter, finer, smoother, and stronger wool than that from other parts of the world.

Using innovative fabric creations, smart construction, and specialized knitting technologies Smartwool has created fabrics that maximize the benefits of Merino wool.

Through their Signature SmartWool fit they have succeeded in making clothing that is not only sized right, but also fits a wider range of body types with design details that enhance the look of your figure.

The best part about this wool??? It’s machine washable!!!! Throw it right in the washer and dryer with the rest of your laundry.

Men’s No Show Socks

Do you ever wear shoes without socks and regret it as soon as you take your shoes off? The Men’s No Show Socks are ideal to combat stinky feet. This actually came up while product testing some shoes. We liked the look of the shoes without socks but desired the comfort of wearing socks. Smartwool’s high quality merino wool helps to keep feet cool and not stink up your shoes. Our favorite feature is the small strip of gripping material inside the sock just above the heel. That way the socks do not bunch up on you. These are perfect for loafers, boat shoes, and wearing around the house.


We tested a wide range of hiking socks for both men and women, and these socks definitely performed up to the reputation Smartwool has carried for some time now.

There are a few dominant technologies that reoccur in Smartwool Hiking socks. First of is the WOW technology in reinforced sole for maximum comfort and durability, using high density impact zones.

The PhD line of socks uses the 4Degree elite fit system and Reliawool technology. The 4Degree Elite fit system uses two elastics for greater stretch and recovery to keep the sock in place. The Patented ReliaWool Technology in high impact areas provide longer lasting protection to keep feet comfortable. The strategically placed mesh ventilation zones provide ventilation for temperature and moisture management.

The entire range of socks fit snuggly around my foot and stayed in place during activity. They all have a flat toe box, which I can stress the importance of. If there is even the slightest crinkle in toe seams it will feel like I am hiking with a boulder smashed between my little toe and my boot. I simply cannot do it. Smartwool socks gave me no pressure points. Most of the styles have an elasticized arch brace increasing arch support and comfort.

Within the line of hiking socks they offer heavy, medium, lightweight, and ultra lightweight and within each weight class a medium crew and mini crew are available.

They are featured in all sorts of colors and patterns depending on your preference. I like to add a splash of color on my feet to offset all the neutral tones hiking clothes and shoes so often represent.

Although these socks are labeled as ‘Hiking” socks, I find myself wearing them as an everyday sock. I love the comfort, styling, and support!


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