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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Switch Sunglasses

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

Switch sunglasses offer the world’s first eyewear with a Magnetic Interchange system- for an unparalleled convenience, speed and ease of use: and idea born of necessity.

The inventors of Switch demanded better sunwear options. Traditional fixed lens sunglasses work well in some light conditions, but not others. Mechanical interchange lens systems are clumsy and can be difficult to use. Between carrying around multiple, bulky sunglasses, and pulling and prying mechanical interchange lenses in and out, they felt there had to be a better way.

Then it came to them: “Magnets!”

Boreal Dark Tortoise

Over the years, I’ve used and reviewed many eyeglasses with switchable lenses – both sport/activity and casual/dress. Each had their fine points but most also had something in common – by the time I got finished switching out the lenses they were smudged from the complicated maneuvers to get them out and in! Not any more with the Switch system. These glasses truly epitomize the saying “less is more”. How easy it is to simply push out the lense and allow the next to snap into place. You can’t appreciate how simple and easy this system is to use until you actually try it.

One of our reviewers named the Switch lense system as the most significant new product discovered at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market this year. Everyone should be able to find a style and function that’s suited just right for them. 14 frame styles, 6 different lense functions from glare to prescriptions, 5 activity-specific lenses and 3 general color lenses. All are UV resistant, Polarized or Non-Polarized. The readers are for using maps, GPS, reading directions, etc. while on the road in bright daylight.

It’s difficult for me to find glasses that fit properly and look acceptable due to my wide face. In fact, most such attempts are doomed to fits of laughter from my entourage, i.e. my wife and kids. The Boreal style was different. They are a nice blend of styling and sports performance and are designed for medium to large fit size. Just right in every aspect!

Avalanche Slide

The Avalanche Slide sunglasses from Switch are the next evolutionary step in interchangeable lenses. With a magnetic snap, you can swap out your dark lenses for a lighter set in less than 3 seconds. We really wanted to test the reliability of the magnets to make sure the lens would hold during human powered outdoor activities.

Not once did we even detect a lens coming loose while biking, hiking or bouncing about in our daypack. The second pair of lenses store in a durable pod, which sits nicely inside the microfiber pouch. You can also order sun lenses that are prescription or readers. Taking one pair of glasses where they can be just for sun, prescription or readers is invaluable in cutting weight and reducing bulk on a long trip. These are some well designed glasses.

Tioga Frame

This frame sits nicely on your face without feeling bulky or tight, keeping it stable during activity but not uncomfortable. With a sleek, stylish, tortoise shell, these sunglasses are great for everyday use as well- they don’t have a super technical look. I love them for driving, skiing, and hiking.

Now to the lenses- AMAZING! The magnets on both the frame and lens literally draw to each other and “click” into place. There is no fussing! Simply pop the lens out, extract the new lens from the sleek pocket case, and “pop” it in! You can do it with one hand- no joke!

There are lenses available for every light condition you could ever think of! The pocket cases are just that- they can slide right into your chest or hand pocket without bulk, allowing you to carry an alternate lens.


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