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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50


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Women's Noatak

The Noatak is a thong style sandal by terrasoles that is perfect for a wide variety of light activities to an evening cocktail. With the comfort of genuine nubuck and a latex/cork midsole and rubber insole I found these sandals to be quite comfortable for a nice walk along the beach and through town sightseeing.

They are soles are made of 10% recycled rubber, keeping with terrasoles commitment to be environmentally friendly.

Quite easy to wash as well, just rub clean with a soft cloth and use a leather clenaner!

Women's Beyond

The Beyond by Terrasoles is a great thong style sandal that is perfect as an after shoe or beach shoe. Super lightweight and flexible you’ll barely even know you are wearing a shoe! It also makes it an excellent shoe to throw in going anywhere with minimal weight.

It has a anti-microbial footbed that makes it a great shoe to go from wet to dry.

Women's Rainier

What a perfect shoe to put on the day after a daughter’s wedding for the day after brunch. Our reviewer could hardly open her eyes, and grabbed the most comfortable shoe she could find in her closet. As it turns out, it also was dressy enough to look great with the dress picked out. She didn’t even realize until after everyone left that it was also a perfect color for the dress. How nice to find a combination of fit, comfort and style!

Tuckerman blue canvas

These shoes are listed in the catalog as slippers, but our tester found they were more like very comfortable shoes. You slip into them, so after knee surgery, she didn’t have to bend down, but also knew she was wearing a supportive, non slip shoe. With the rubber bottom, they can be used for outside and inside. They look great with jeans. Even though they are made of canvass, after quite a bit of use, they still look like new.


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