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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Travelon Travel Accessories

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

We were looking for a travel accessory company that can fill almost every need. This company understands that people are looking for cutting edge products that can be used for the casual traveler, the adventure traveler, and even the backpacker.

Founded as a domestic manufacturer of luggage carts more than 30 years ago, Travelon is now an industry leader of travel products and accessories. They are at the forefront of interpreting changing market conditions into products designed to make Travel Easier™ for their consumers and to make the sale of their products easier and financially rewarding for retail partners. Today the Travelon branded line of travel accessories includes more than 400 products.

Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bucket Bag

It did not take long to make this one of our favorite bags. Travelon knows how to consider every detail when they make claims that this is a bag for travel or for places where you are concerned about anti-theft, but we love the looks and size for everyday use. It is fashionable yet practical. The cut proof straps have a half twist which we have never seen before and it makes it not only comfortable, but when not worn across the body stays on the shoulder with ease. The front zippered pocket has two smaller pockets perfect for your phone or small items. We reviewed the bag in Sand and although it is nice and dark which should not show wear, the light gray interior which makes it easy to see what is stored inside.

The back pocket is perfect for a book as well as an unzipped pouch in front of the zippered front pocket. We found the mesh pocket inside makes it easy to see what you have stored in it without unzipping it. It is so nice to have an organized bag that is big enough for all the essentials. Finally, a bag where we can find what we are looking for with ease! We love the 2 mesh expansion pockets on the outside body of the bag for toting a water bottle and sunglasses or even a small umbrella. Because these are zippered, they don’t stick out when you aren’t using them.

This bag may be made for travel, but has quickly become the everyday bag, especially after we received two compliments on the fashion of the bag the first day we used it. How nice to have a travel bag that can be used all day and dressy enough for evening.

Luggage Tags

We don’t normally get excited about luggage tags until we reviewed two designs from Travelon. What fun they must have had creating these designs. We chose dots and stripes and know that these will be super easy to spot. It is very east to put in our information and the strap is solid. We would also like to mention the self-laminating tags. It is nice to have many options when picking out the perfect luggage tag.

Clear View Waterproof Pouch

This little bag is a great for protecting your camera, cell phone, mp3 player or any other small electronic device while on an adventure or traveling near water. This waterproof phone case fits virtually all smart phones and pocket digital cameras and features a soft outer surface that allows you to control your personal electronic devices without taking them out of the case. The fold down waterproof seal has finger slots so you can open and close with ease.

The removable strap, the fact that is floats, and the fully functional transparent window makes this perfect for any watersport. We guess that includes hiking and backpacking! Half the time, we don’t get any pictures because the phone or camera is either tucked away or not protected in rainy weather. The padding to make it float gives our devices extra protection. We think this would also be perfect for maps while hiking.

SafeID® Accent Passport Case

The words for this case is classy and practical. The beautiful brown leather accented with brown nylon case blocks RFID readers to prevent unauthorized access. Not only does it have a slot for your passport, but a packet for money, five card slots and a ribbon bookmark for easy access to the right page on your passport or your visa.

This case fits USA and Canadian passports, small enough to fit into a pocket and classy enough to use as an evening clutch. We look for products that are multiuse and this definitely fits the bill!

Set of 2 Smart Tubes® + , 2 oz.

We have been looking for bottles like these for years! Although the ones we reviewed hold only 2 oz, they are do multipurpose, they do come in 3 oz size too. You can put anything in these handy bottles because they are so easy to clean, even dishwasher safe, yet the seal is awesome. You can tell the seal is good because the soft rubber wraps around the hard plastic seal. It has a flip top and even a little suction cup to put on the wall of a public shower.

We have even seen people use these for little liquor bottles! Now, that is the way to enjoy your trip! They come in different colors so you can immediately know what is in it without having to get your glasses out! They do come with identifying stickers and are BPA free. Sometimes, the smallest product can bring the most joy when traveling.

3-Space Mates Compression Bags

When packing, we never seem to have enough room, especially when backpacking. These compression bags have an easy to seal closure. You can use the medium and large bag with or without a vacuum cleaner to get the air out. They claim these triple the storage space, is airtight, leak-proof and reusable. Made out of durable, clear plastic, you can see what is in the bag without opening it. What more can we ask for?

Set of 3 Lightweight Packing Cubes

When we give seminars, we talk about finding lightweight, multicolor bags. This helps keep clothes and personal items organized. The lightweight ripstop nylon is stain and water resistant. The top panel is ripstop for privacy with mesh panel for breathability. Top panel is ripstop for privacy with mesh panel for breathability. The soft structure for packing versatility. All of these bags fit in 21” carry-on, and we can see these being used or backpacking too!

Set of 3 Packing Squares

Now that we all seem to have electronics with all the power cords and it is a challenge to keep everything organized. The set of 3 Packing Squares from Travelon® are security-friendly and turn packing for travel into a breeze. The mesh top panel provides visibility so you can see what’s inside. The colored zippers distinguish each square. This item is so well thought out that the 3 squares nest for easy storage when not in use. Not only are these perfect for organizing your flight bags, but these travel organizers are also a great way to keep all your personal, household, travel and easy-to-lose items together. We even use these at home to keep everything organized!

Safe ID Color-Block Bifold Tab Wallet

We were surprised at what is happening with Identity Theft. We learned how to protect your identity with this RFID blocking wallet from Travelon. Many credit and debit cards have RFID chips with personal information. Anyone with an RFID reader can potentially read that information when the credit or debit card is in a traditional wallet or bag. Not so with this RFID blocking wallet from Travelon. The built-in Faraday Shield prevents an RFID reader from capturing your information – keeping your personal information, personal.

We first noticed this wallet because of the design. Once we could get over the beautiful red color, we could concentrate on all the practical benefits of the wallet. It has 13 card slots and an ID window. We liked using one side of the currency compartment for our passport and the other side for receipts. I then used Zip coin compartment with two slots for my currency and coins. The two slot coin compartment zips from the outside and is large, and opens up wide, so when traveling abroad, we would probably us one side for US money and the other for the country being visited.

Micro Scale

We were attending a festival for backpackers and were sent the micro scale to review. We always tell backpackers that they need to weigh their backpacks often. It is terrific to find the smallest, most lightweight, and fastest luggage scale available, and can also be used for plane travel. No more guessing at the travel weight!

It will weigh up to 110lbs and is so easy to use. The red light illuminates when the weight is locked into position. The on-off switch has an auto shut-off after 60 seconds to save the battery life of the 2 CR2032 batteries which are included. It only weighs 3 ounces and will weigh the bag in less than 3 seconds. It comes is a variety of colors so you can identify and find your scale quickly.

Waterproof Pouch for Smart Phones and Digital Cameras

Anyone who does adventure travel, whether it is canoeing, backpacking or just walking knows how disastrous your trip becomes if you get your smart phone or digital camera wet. This pouch not only keeps them dry, but the foam insert allows the pouch to float on the water’s surface and gives the item extra padding. It comes with an adjustable carry strap. It is easy to seal and allows you to control your personal electronic devices without taking them out of the case. How nice to have one item for multiple uses to fit the experience.

Self Seal Medium Dry Bag

We love how this dry bag can be used for multiple purposes. This is a 3-in-1: waterproof, compression and float bag. Those who backpack understand keeping their items dry, and the frustration of being able to find the items. This bag has a clear window to see what’s inside.

Being self-sealing, it is perfect for water sorts, outdoor activities, camping, and even keeping items dry in activities like a breast cancer 60 mile walk. Sometimes city folk don’t always go to camping stores to find what is needed for an enjoyable, dry experience. The medium bag has an 8 liter capacity. This company knows how we lose directions, so they are printed right on the bag.


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