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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Whistles for Life

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval This whistle is very exciting! It was developed by Search and Rescue professionals who understand the importance of being heard in an emergency. It has a 3-Chambered 118 Decibel Sound which means it has one main chamber with a waterproof pea, which creates a loud staccato sound critical for being heard above the roar of wind and emergency vehicles.

The secondary chambers create separate omni-directional high pitched sounds and the loud 118 Decibel sound gets you heard in noisy environments.

The ABS plastic will not stick to lips and mouth in cold weather. It has a hands-free mouth grip and a universal locking safety clip and waffled texture for easy grip. It meets anti-choking standards for children. Made of high quality plastic, it won’t break, won’t freeze to your lips and is bright orange to find quickly in an emergency.

Inexpensive, this is the perfect gift to save a life!


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