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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Witz waterproof cases

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

If you have ever had an experience thinking your items were safe and have them totally drenched, you will appreciate this company. Witz® Sport Cases are practical waterproof cases to protect your valuables. Witz® takes pride in the fact that all of their cases are compact, lightweight, portable and convenient. Unlike other protective cases, Witz® Sport Cases work for everyday use.

Their streamlined design makes them perfect for hanging around necks, slipping into pockets, stowing in backpacks, or clipping to bags. Their cases are made of strong, durable ABS plastic to protect against crushing and impact. All cases are equipped with a waterproof rubber O-ring to keep contents dry and safe from the elements.

First Aid Kit

This waterproof container is only 2.7" wide x 4.3" high x 1.3" thick, but packs a wallop!

Great for minor first aid emergencies, it has a nylon lanyard with breakaway clip, carabineer, a patented angle design, crush resistant shell, and comes in translucent red or solid red. It even floats in water which we appreciate when we tip our canoe or kayak!

It is amazing the following is all in this little package: large knuckle bandage (1), large elastic bandage (3), small round bandage (3), small butterfly closure (2), square gauze pad (1), ointment foil pack (1), antiseptic swab (3), sting relief swab (1), antacid (2), Ibuprofen (2), Aspirin (2), First Aid booklet (1), and a Poly Zip bag (1).

Travel Kit

Big things come in small waterproof containers. Only 2.7" wide x 4.3" high x 1.3" tall, the Travel Kit is our Keep It Clear case packed with a few items for those unexpected moments. This is a secure waterproof container for all of your minor traveling emergencies. It contains Aloe Up Lip Balm SPF 15 (.15 oz tube), Pain Relief (3 packets), Antacid (3 packets), Towelettes (3), Band Aids (3), and a Sewing Kit. It even floats in water.

Flower See It Safe

The Flower Surf Safe™ is the ideal way to carry your ID cards, hotel keys, cash and credit cards. Not only is the Flower Surf Safe ™ lightweight and compact, its translucent making your valuables easy to find whenever you need them.

It is only 2.5" wide x 3.7" high x .75" thick, has a translucent color, a nylon lanyard with breakaway clip and carabiner. The patented angle design, crush resistant shell, and 3 color choices makes it a great gift. You can also find this size under See It Safe in a variety of colors.

The Wrapper Eyeglass Holder

The Witz Wrapper is the perfect protection for those expensive Glasses and Sunglasses. Padded in the top and bottom and felt lined for lens protection. Because of the design of the Wrapper it offers exceptional protection against crushing. The Wrapper offers solid security for many types of wraparound style eyewear. Like all products from Witz, it is waterproof and comes in four colors.

Utility Locker II

We think we have found the most versatile waterproof case that floats. Whether you want your lunch to stay dry, or you have a breakable item you want to keep safe and everything in between, this case does the job. This makes it an ideal solution for storing larger electronic items, food, or any other items that need room, protection and security.

It is 10" wide x 5" high x 7" crush resistant shell. The sleek shape and design floats in water, has molded tie downs, fits in bags or backpacks and has piano hinge construction.

Foam II

How ingenious, we have never seen anything like this. You can insert this foam into all Utility Locker II Cases. It is specially perforated for customization, which means you can take out little pieces to customizable to fit various electronic and equipment types.


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