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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50


Fifty Sense Seal of Approval "Zeal" is Greek in origin meaning an extreme passion in the pursuit of what you do. They are zealously dedicated to creating a high quality, innovative product that is superior in design performance.

Zeal designs goggles as well as sunglasses. Their goggles feature a spherical lens to increase air volume and peripheral vision. They are not only polarized, but photo-chromatic lens that works not only in low light, but also in full on sunny conditions

Dominator SPPX

We were skiing at Solitude out in SLC and within one day we had sun and clouds, clear visibility and snow. When you are skiing down the slopes you don't want to have to stop, pull out your lens bag and fiddle around switching the lenses in the cold- if you can even achieve such a feet with gloves on.

The Dominator goggles have it all built into one lens, they are polarized and photochromic so no matter what Mother Nature throws at you she can't mess with your sight- they automatically change to light conditions.

They are also no fog lenses, and if you have ever had your goggles fog up you know how important that is!


It is heaven to be a female ski instructor and find a goggle specifically made for a smaller face. The ZB (Rose/Brown/Orange) tint in a Spherical Polarized lens reduces glare from the snow and enhances vision. It also color soothes your eyes and makes it easier for you to see in all conditions. Featuring In-Molded Anti-Fog Lens (Will never wear off). This all means that we don’t are guaranteed to have a goggle that will protect our eyes in all kind of weather without giving up clear vision. Safe, comfortable, fashionable makes this a great goggle.


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