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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Cycling Stories:
I Told My Wife I Love Dawn

The truth is I love my wife of 40 years, Marta, but I found another love named Dawn that has filled a number of my needs and solved some of my current problems.

The story begins when my wife bought me a new bicycle for my 65th birthday, a retirement present. The bike is an expensive man size mountain bike with disc brakes. The problem: the bike squeeled and squeaked all the time. I took the bike back to the dealer and the manager said, " just ride it for a while and it will get better".

The bike and I went off on vacation to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail! The first day up the trail the bike kept squeeking and then it started moaning. The second day people were racing by me to avoid the irritating noise. The third day of my Creeper vacation I was broken hearted about the bike and its behavior. That's was when I found Dawn!

The chance meeting occurred when I stopped into the Adventure Damascus Mountain Biking Shop and met Bill, their master bike mechanic. He introduced me to Dawn. He said not to try Joy or any other only Dawn - Liqiud Dish Detergent would work. Well, I knew Dawn was good for dishes, windows, and washing your bike down to avoid dirt and rust, but now I learned Dawn had more hidden talents.

Put Dawn on your disc breaks and it will stop the squeeking and moaning noises!  I road my Bike up and down the trail for 28 miles without any noise Dawn really works and best of all my wife didn't have to get jealous. She has even encouraged me to try and find new uses for Dawn around the house.

William Drahos bsohard@hotmail.com

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