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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Clothing: Socks

Whether setting out on your backpacking trip, canoe excursion, or travel adventure, one factor remains the same, your feet. It is most important to make sure that both your shoes and socks are a correct fit and are appropriate to the activity experience.

First, the sock. There are different weights, and textures for many different activities. Finding the right one for your purpose can enhance the comfort of your feet and reduce the possibility of blisters or other foot irritations. While you want to find a sock with the most support, having too much padding or denseness may impact the ability of your feet to breath appropriately.

We have found that Thorlos socks have a wonderful variety of socks for all activities. They are especially great if you are allergic to wool.

Hiking Socks

We have tested and love all the hiking socks by Thorlos. We feel it is important you read this section to decide what would be the prefect sock for your experience. How nice to have such a selection and also information on each sock.

Each of our reviewers have their own favorite. We recommend you buy at least two pair of socks in case the dryer eats one, because find we wear these not only for hiking, but every day! As with all socks, if you buy three, you get free shipping.

Ski Socks

You may be familiar with the hiking, but this section will show the wide variety of ski socks. We have had many different reviewers testing these and like to personalize then according to weather and activity. Make sure you read all the information available about each sock. How nice to learn about fit for feet while buying. These are not just socks!

Distance walking for women

We used these socks for the Breast Cancer, 3 Day, 60 mile walk and never got blisters! If we can use these for such an extreme activity, it wasn't hard to be convinced to wear them for golf, walking, or any time we put on our gym shoes. The extra thick cushioning is especially important as we age because we have less padding on our soles and heels. We found these make great slippers too.

Golf socks

Although we were sent these to test for golf, we love the black ones all year round. Comfort doesn't have a season!

XCCU Experia® CoolMax® - Thin Cushion

These socks are designed for high performance runners, cyclists, hikers and fitness walkers who prefer a minimal amount of foot protection. Thorlos says these are not designed for active people with any distracting foot issues or long-time wearers of Thorlos thick or moderate cushioned products. We have found there are many active boomers who love these and don't need the extra cushion.

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